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Our Story

Our founders, Dr. Mark Beitel and Dr. Dawn Matera have been working together for a decade, creating academic spaces for students who learn differently, require alternative approaches, and who benefit from creative and inspiring bridges to educational success.  While they are best known for their work with middle and high school alternative programs, their combined teaching, administrative, and clinical  expertise ranges from Pre-K through college and beyond.

One constant in all of this time has been a lack of local, academically-focused post-secondary programs designed to support those students who need more time and skills before they head off to college.  In 2019, thanks to opportunities involving timing, staffing, ans scheduling, we were able to launch Westport College Prep.  We are joined in this endeavor by Ms. Lauren McBeth, a long-time, beloved teacher and former Dean of Students at Winston Preparatory School.  Lauren serves as our Program Director.  She is passionate about enhancing academic skills, metacognition / executive function, and social skills in college-bound students with learning differences.  She also brings expertise in service-learning coordination, which will be a cornerstone of our program.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an exceptional and engaging academic gap year experience that prepares students for college through instruction in the executive functions, metacognition, and social skills required for success in college.

Next Steps...

Fall semester classes begin on Septemebr 8, 2020. Please contact Lauren McBeth for additional information or to arrange a tour.