Westport College Prep 4

Academic Coaching

Reading and writing skills develop over time and instruction in these areas is important at the post-secondary level.  At WCP, our reading and writing tutors work with students to determine baseline skill levels and then to increase college readiness skills in the areas of decoding, reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and advanced reading strategies. Written expression skills include grammar and punctuation, essay writing, and college research writing.

Westport College Prep 6

Life Coaching

At WCP, young adults in transition from high school to college have the option of receiving individualized life coaching sessions.  Students participate in a thorough intake process that includes determining baseline levels of academic, social, and emotional functioning. Creating shared goals and executing a highly individualized plan is designed to improve areas including time management, executive functioning, budgeting, employment, nutrition, fitness, effective communication, and relationships.

Westport College Prep - Assessments

Assessments & Testing

Informal and formal assessments in the domains of intelligence, working memory, processing, executive function, adaptive living, and personality functioning can be valuable as students ready themselves for the college experience. Our professionals include Special Education teachers for informal curriculum based assessments, Licensed Clinical Psychologists, and Psychiatrists for more formal evaluations. WCP will guide you through the process as you navigate necessary assessments and evaluations.

Westport College Prep - College Consulting

College Consulting

Sometimes you need a professional to navigate the college process. Since college success is not always a straight line, and students have highly individualized needs, our professional college consultants can support you in the various areas: Record reviews, college goal setting, college essay writing, the college application and admissions process, identifying colleges, identifying necessary support programs, and more.

Next Steps...

Fall semester classes begin on Septemebr 8, 2020. Please contact Lauren McBeth for additional information or to arrange a tour.